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Vet owned and operated Custom Deadlift Platforms

To be honest, it all started in my garage with the platform right here. I wanted to protect my garage floors more than what a regular rubber floor would. I've always been a bit handy so cutting and assembling the platform was well within my wheelhouse. I spent a few years of my life working in the paint shop of an autobody shop where I learned how to tape and paint cars. Using that skill I stenciled out the punisher skull, taped it up, painted it black and finished the whole thing with Polyurethane clear. I wasn't happy with how the Polyurethane looked so I started doing research into more advanced clear coat systems. Now, I pour on a two part epoxy that finishes each platform with a durable, water resistant, glass like coating.

What sizes can I make?

The most common sizes are 4x8 and 8x8

I can do any size ranging from 4x8 to 12x8. The design is either stenciled and painted on or a decal, depending on the intricacies. Click the button below to see more of my work on Instagram or below that send me an email to request a quote.

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