Our platforms do a fantastic job of protecting your subfloor or concrete basement/garage floor. The triple layered design helps to reduce the transfer of energy into the actual floor and maintains its ability to not warp and create low spots. Plus, it looks badass with your custom logo on it. The price will vary based on size, logo, accessories and finish options.


Finish: The super gloss epoxy does an excellent job of protecting the wood. It is a very thick coating and is, well, super glossy. The polyurethane finish will protect the wood as well, just not as good as the epoxy. It will still leave a wood feel underfoot without the worry of splinters.


See photos for wood stain examples. After your purchase one of us will reach out to get your logo or if you like you may email it to Admin@executivefitllc.com. Please put your order number in the subject line. If you have any questions please email us.

Custom Deadlift Platform