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The BS of "I have a slow metabolism"

We live in a society where food is readily available and we can eat whatever, whenever we want. This is most definitely part of the reason a massive amount of people struggle with losing weight or even maintaining a specific body weight. Keto, Paleo, Low Fat, Carnivore, Vegan, and Vegetarian are all "diets" that people try over and over again to lose weight.

UNFORTUNATELY, the problem is usually NOT the diet NOR the food itself. The problem is your metabolism. Think of the metabolism as an engine. A Ford super duty turbodiesel can push out a ton of power quickly, but requires a lot of fuel to do so and does not get very good gas mileage (this is fast metabolism). A Toyota Prius doesn't produce much power in comparison to the turbodiesel,but can travel across the country on one tank of fuel and use only 15 gallons, lets say (this is slow metabolism).

Notice the difference between a fast metabolism and a slow metabolism. Notice the difference between a fast metabolism and a slow metabolism. The slow metabolism is much more efficient and uses every ounce of energy that can be generated from the fuel it has available, burning that fuel much slower. The fast metabolism is a roaring engine that burns hot and fast and can only go so far before it must refuel.

NOW, which metabolism is more beneficial to have when food is so readily available? Ill give you a hint: It's the turbodiesel.

Let's be real, unless you're a competitive bodybuilder and aiming for 3% body fat, there are going to be times to divulge and enjoy a day off, holiday, party, birthday, etc. We are humans and this is normal. If you've got this fast metabolism, you can eat more calories without the worry of gaining weight. The problem is, most people who are trying to lose weight are working out in a way that will slow their metabolism down. Doing excess amounts of cardio tells the body it is NOT advantageous to have muscle mass and that it is advantageous to burn calories much slower so you can maintain the ability to do cardio for long periods of time. FORTUNATELY, resistance training sends the OPPOSITE signal to the body; telling the body it IS ADVANTAGEOUS to build muscle and thus increasing the rate of the metabolism.

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